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BnB’s mission is to inspire, develop, train and help propel businesses and individuals into their Greater than…

BnB Global Services is a privately owned management consulting corporation. BnB assist organizations in addressing issues in strategic, operational and organizational planning.  We have a team of innovative thinkers, consulting together as a powerful unit to meet the needs of our clientele.  Whether you are interested in being a part of BnB’s Faith-Based Community Association or need services to boost your non-profit to the next level.  BnB has a team of professionals that will work closely with your organization to assist you in reaching your next level of achievement.

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3 Major Reasons Why Non-Profits choose BnB Global Services:

1.  Professional Team Approach

For a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee, you will receive a professional team effort with no oversight needed to ensure an excelsior outcome.

2.  NO Long Term Contracts

BnB stands by its quality services and therefore maintain the integrity of all services provided without the need for long term contracts to bind us to our clientele.

3.  NO Fine Print

BnB offers basic service agreements which protects the interests of our clients while providing expectations and rights of both BnB and our clientele.  Non-binding agreements, just professional expectations.


3 Major Reasons Why Faith Based Organizations choose BnB Global Services

1. Professional Team Approach

Most churches do not have a staff of professional employees to handle the administrative needs of the church. BnB provides a total team approach to churches for less than a dollar a day.

2. Association Membership

By joining the FBCA, churches can be a part of a larger community to assist in all practices of running a church. Members receive monthly newsletters, trainings in all areas of running a church, free advertisement for upcoming events, grant information, support in writing grants, and much much more.

3. NO Fine Print

BnB offers basic service agreements which protects the interests of our clients while providing expectations and rights of both BnB and our clientele. Non-binding agreements, just professional expectations.