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The importance of faith-based organizations in our communities is underlined by the Bush Administration’s creation of a new Office of Faith-Based Activities. The initiative will take advantage of the energy, experience, and commitment of such faith-based organizations by expanding their role. …Faith-based organizations are viable organizations doing important work, well-positioned to do even more. This, then, is a great opportunity for us to learn more about what these programs do, and how we can help them be more effective. These organizations are too important to ignore, and they are too important for us not to know what they are doing.

Lawrence L. Thompson General Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research

As taken from the website on April 10, 2016.


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BnB Faith Based Community Association offers membership to all churches and faith based organizations.  This is a membership group led by trained consultants with over 20 years experience overseeing non-profit organizations in New York City. The last 10 years have been spent successfully assisting churches with training various auxiliaries to assist in expanding services to the community and to run an efficient administrative support team.  These supports will be offered to all members of BnB’s Faith Based Community Association. What do you receive as a member?

A Monthly newsletter which includes…

  • non-profit grant information
  • upcoming training opportunities
  • advertisement for upcoming events
  • new or revised legislation/regulations governing faith based institutes
  • “Leader Spotlight” article
  • Quarterly WebEx phone conferences
  • Monthly WebEx trainings on various areas of administrative development
  • Annual lobbying efforts

    Scheduled monthly one on one sessions in developing administrative church supports such as…

  • budget development
  • annual strategic plan
  • annual tax letters

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Can my church receive state grants?
No, the state cannot give grants to religious institutions.  However, there is funding available through private organizations.
Does BnB Faith Based Community Association give out grants?
No, we are here as an information resource. Grants are administered through various state agencies.  We find them for you and assist you through the application process.
***************To REGISTER for MEMBERSHIP please complete the contact form below and someone will contact you within 48 hours (2-business days).
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