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BnB Global Services prides itself in its ability to successfully grow businesses and organizations through strategic planning, policy development, training, certification management grant writing and quality management. No matter what size corporation/organization you have, if you understand the need for structured policies and procedures, a strong quality improvement team and a well versed training department and would like to outsource these services, please contact BnB so that we can sit together to develop a plan to meet the needs of your organization.  BnB applies psychological methods and principles to the workplace to produce an effective and motivated work environment.  Following organizational theories, BnB focuses on identifying causes and resolutions to internal conflicts to produce the most productive team environment for all workers.


Minimizing costs for agencies in the areas of support services.  An organization would be able to eliminate a training department while outsourcing the same services through BnB for a fraction of the costs.  As most companies are trying to find a way to do more with less, BnB offers an obvious solution to minimizing costs while providing the oversight of qualified, professional, reliable consultants. BnB works closely with staff to create an environment conducive for consistent accomplishments while encouraging all employees and stakeholders to give their very best.

BnB will work with the executive team to identify the needs of the organization while our consultants are hands on to provide supports in every area of the business operations. BnB develops long and short term goals and strategies for taking your organization to the next level.

Whether we like it or not, governmental oversight and funding is forcing agencies to produce qualitative services or risk being taken over or dissolved. What was once considered as suggestions for services are quickly becoming requirements. Where do you see your organization fitting in to this new era of managed care. Let BnB assist in bringing you to a higher level of quality services.

BnB allows non- profit organizations to cut costs with…

1.Trained consultants to meet your organization’s immediate training and development needs.

2. Professional, objective Quality Improvement consultants  to support improved quality management.

3. Strategic Planning team to establish a quality improvement and strategic plan to take organizations to the next level of development.

4. Quality of Life Coordination to develop and enhance services being provided to your identified community.

Strategies planned are through expertise and professionalism, allowing organizations to be empowered to make decisions but not overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing.  BnB’s foundation is based upon providing reassurance and confidence to organizations through the use of tangible, sustainable, measurable research outcomes through validated and reliable research methodologies.


BnB’s competitive advantage is our ability to be compassionate with the stakeholders, professional with the executive team and down to earth with the workers and management team. BnB will work on all levels of organizations including hands on with the individuals served.  Most consultants stand out as a separate entity, BnB’s goal will be to fit into the organization as a trusted professional and leader in its field.

You may be looking for total assistance and guidance in restructioning your organization or may simply need assistance with developing a business plan, updating policies and procedures, supports in specific areas or specific training needs.  We have what you need and we can assist you at your level to help you get to the next level.

No matter what your specific concern is, BnB can help to move you and/or your organization along to the next level.

Rates for services are affordable and based upon the number of employees within your organization so please call us for our best rate.

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