Quality of Life Coordination



BnB Global services’ mission is “to inspire, develop, train and help propel businesses and individuals into their Greater Than…”.   This mission drives each BnB team member to compare current quality of life not by others standards but by the existing standards in a search for greater.  Whether it is the average worker’s ability to strive on their current job, the executive’s need to feel accomplished, an organization’s need to move their corporation forward or that ‘person of need’ to find a life which is pleasing and successful to them; BnB works with everyone at their desired need level to achieve the goal which they strive for on their journey to the next level. 



Human Services

BnB will work with organizations, nursing homes, or individual families to achieve personal accomplishments and goals.  BnB utilizes Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theories as a foundation in which to seek out the needs of each individual.  Housing limitations such as residential settings, nursing homes or well defined living space does not limit BnB consultants from working towards the greatest achievements of each of its individuals served.  


Image Source: 21st Century Tech

Image Source: 21st Century Tech


BnB will come out to your site/home and evaluate the existing needs through an assessment and develop a strategic plan for future goals and achievement.  A special design team (Quality of Life Team- QoL) will include each individual’s circle of supports which will have a voice in determining the road to take to the next level.  BnB will provide QoL specialists who will develop a regular work schedule to work directly on goal achievement and future accomplishments.  



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