I/DD Training

BnB Global services will manage all of your training needs from start to finish.  If you have been battling with your budget and trying to determine how to maintain quality services, maintain oversight but yet cut costs; outsource your training needs to BnB Global Services.  BnB training consultants provide instruction and guidance to staff and employees in the various areas of service delivery.  BnB have training curricula  in place for all of your training needs.  If you have unique training needs, BnB will build a prospectus specific to your organizational needs.  Send us an inquiry and a representative will work with you towards your best options.   
When developing a training curriculum specific to your organizational needs BnB will ensure that your staff maintain compliance in all areas.  Pre-and post test will be completed to ensure that staff have retained training information.  BnB will also provide recertification and refresher courses as the need is required to ensure that all staff are operating at optimal levels.  BnB is dedicated to meeting the needs of the individuals served as well as the organization to take it to a higher standard of quality.



BnB Global Services is an authorized provider of American Red Cross training.  BnB works with organizations as well as the community to conduct necessary trainings.  Please see our calendar below for upcoming training classes and locations.  To register for a class please send a request on the form below (add subject line First Aide/CPR) and a representative will get back in touch with you within 48 hours.   BnB are certified American Red Cross providers and offer individual and group trainings for $75 per person.  Nervous students – no problems.  


BnB focuses on team building skills to help your organization work together as a strong unified team to accomplish your organizations goals.  


When BnB manages your training department you will have peace of mind in knowing that you will always be up to code in your staff training and that quality trainers will not only maintain compliance, but effect a change in the quality of services being provided.  

Send us an inquiry on the form below (add subject line – I/DD training) and a representative will go over pricing and the established 3-day training curriculum.

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